How to Use Cinnamon to Treat Bladder Infection

So many people, women for the most part due to their fragile and more susceptible urinary tract anatomy, are discovering how useful and efficient the natural and safe world of herbs is when it comes to treating common (and not-so-common) ailments of the human body.

Among these treatments is the use of cinnamon, which has come to be an excellent treatment for those pesky, painful bladder or urinary tract infections. There are so many people out there who are plagued by them, and suffer with recurring infections, often due to antibiotic resistance or ineffectiveness.

It’s already well-known that cinnamon is extremely useful for diabetics, naturally regulating the blood sugar levels as reports, but it’s very interesting to note that this common spice that is most likely hanging around your kitchen cabinet can also very effectively treat and cure bladder infection due to common bacteria like

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